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Our PROFESSIONAL staff at PDQ is available for all your service/delivery needs. Always being DILIGENT throughout the process, you can be confident that our delivery attempts & keeping you informed will be QUICK. PDQ actively assists all our customers with any delivery needs that may arise. PDQ is very knowledgeable with all courts and we have a vast understanding of all court papers. 

some of the papers we serve

Civil Warrant  -  Detainer Warrant  -   Garnishment  -  Injunction  -  Levy  -  Notice  -                Protective Order  -  Scire Facias  -  Subpoena  -  Summons

Our process servers can serve them all!

our process

Once a paper has been served by our professional process server, our clients are notified via email. All original documents are returned to the issuing court & a copy of the served document will be emailed along with your invoice.   Don't have time to issue the paperwork, PDQ can do it for you! 


PDQ Couriers has been serving Shelby County & the surrounding areas since 1999. We are available for all your delivery needs.

court approved on shelby county e-filing system

Fast friendly service

licensed, bonded & insured

Knowledgeable in all Courts

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